Colt LE6921CK 14.5″ M4 Upper


Colt part number LE6921CK

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Colt LE6921CK upper.  Barrel is 14.5″ chrome lined with M4 feedramps.  Government profile barrel.

Upper will be marked with Colt CAGE code 13629. Marking will be roll marked or dot matrix stamped.  No choice of marking.

Bolt carrier group will have a C marked carrier and MPC marked bolt as shown.

These uppers are guaranteed to have full Colt markings unlike some upper recently released which have unmarked commercial parts in them.

All NFA rules apply.  Flash hider is not permanently attached.

Upper is new in the Colt blue/white retail box and sealed in the blue Colt anti corrosion bag.  Pictures show one removed from the bag for clarity.