Colt LE6920 / CR6920 16″ Upper


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New Colt LE6920 16″ M4 upper. Includes bolt carrier group and charging handle.  Current 2022-2023 production.

Barrel will be marked with Colt CAGE code 13629 MP 5.56 NATO 1/7.  Uppers will be marked Colt CAGE code 13629 above the forward assist.  M4 hand guards with Magpul MBUS.  MPC marked bolt, C marked carrier.

These uppers are guaranteed to have Colt markings on the upper, barrel, bolt, and carrier, unlike some blank Colt uppers that have been made recently.  We select the ones with full Colt markings and sell them to you.

This is the same upper that comes on current production LE6920 rifles. Comes in the white/blue Colt box as shown.  Upper is sealed in Colt blue bag inside box.  Ready to drop on your lower and start shooting.  Several available.