Colt 14.5″ M4A1 SOCOM Upper, Permanent FH


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New current production factory Colt M4A1 SOCOM upper.  This is the same upper as used on the LE6920SOCOM.  These have the heavier SOCOM profile M4A1 barrel, which is 1/7 twist with M4 feedramps. Barrel will be marked with Colt CAGE code 13629 MP 5.56 NATO 1/7.

2021 through 2023 production dates.

Includes KAC M4 RAS with three 11 rib pannels.

Colt CAGE code 13629 marked above the forward assist. CAGE code will either be roll marked or dot matrix stamped.

Colt bolt carrier with MPC marked bolt. Carrier marked with a C.

Double lined Colt M4 handguards. Matech rear sight. Matech may or may not have the gold Picatinny logo.

These have the factory Colt pinned and welded extended flash hider to bring the barrel to a non-NFA 16″ length.

Shown are pictures of a representative example of markings you will receive. No choice of markings.