Install Muzzle Device For Silencer



Installation of various muzzle devices using timing shims for silencer applications.   Perfectly timed to top dead center.  No wrench marks on your muzzle device.   Installation uses precision custom wrenches in our shop.

Barrels are held by the barrel themselves during muzzle device installation in special padded fixtures.  We do not use barreling spud rods for muzzle device installations.  This puts stress on the barrel index pin.

Customer provided muzzle devices must be new or near new condition and must be free of wrench marks.  Customer must include OEM full shim kit with your muzzle device.

We do not perform permanent pin and weld installations.  We do not perform removal of permanently pinned and welded installations.

Removal of existing muzzle devices which were installed with thread locker or any other non-standard method will be charged at a higher rate on an individual basis.

Includes return shipping of your barrel.