Geissele AR-10 MK4 12.3″ Handguard Rail Keymod


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Geissele MK4 AR-10 12.3” rail.  Keymod with MIL-STD-1913 rails.

Geissele part number 05-280.

These were made for the AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit) and other government customers.

These are one of the few rails made for a Mark Westrom pattern (Geneseo, IL) AR-10.  They will work with an AR-10A or AR-10B.  Comes with the Armalite pattern 1-7/16” x 18 TPI-3A barrel nut.

These were never offered commercially and were only made for the government customers.  These will not work with a KAC SR-25 or any DPMS based .308 system.

We have two for sale.  These were acquired directly from Geissele during a special sale in late 2022; where Geissele sold off several non-catalog items to dealers and other industry insiders.

They come sealed in the white Geissele cardboard box as shown.   Cardboard box is not labeled since these were never made for commercial sale.

These are, by far, one of the best handguards made for the AR-10 and superior to Armalite’s own offerings.  These Geissele handguards are in the same league as SWS, Larue, and Daniel Defense AR-10 handguards.  Unfortunately, none of these brands make AR-10 pattern handguards anymore.

Shown is one out of the box for clarity.  I have this one installed on a personal rifle of mine.  The one you will receive will be sealed in the box.