Colt Carry Handle, Current Production


Colt part number SP64987

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New Colt current production detachable carry handle. Part number SP64987. No longer offered on complete rifles from Colt. Impossible to find. Perfect to complete your rifle or carbine. Square forge symbol. Correct 0.840″ military dimension rear sight shelf. 6/3 range wheel.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is the correct height carry handle for any brand of AR-15 with any length barrel which uses an F marked front sight base. If you have a standard flat top upper and an F marked front sight base, this is the correct carry handle for your project. This is the same carry handle that comes on all Colt rifles and carbines. Colt only uses, and has used, one type of carry handle since the introduction of the flat top upper in 1993. This is part number SP64987. Yes, this is the correct carry handle for an LE6920, CR6920, AR6720, AR6721, AR-15A4 20″ rifle, LE6921, MK18, and LE6933 Commando.

Colt carbines LE6920SOCOM, LE6933, CR6920, and LE6920 made after 2018 may not have an F marked front sight base. They are still made to F height and this is still the correct carry handle.

There is bogus information on the internet about differences in carry handle and front sight heights. There is no such thing as an 8/3 range wheel factory OEM Colt detachable carry handle. These are modified third party assemblies. Colt only uses 6/3 range wheels in its detachable carry handles.

If your gun is a different brand than Colt, and has a non-F marked front sight base, you need to install a taller Colt front sight post part number SP62447. Then this Colt carry handle will work with your gun.

Has the factory Colt white grease on the rear adjustments. The carry handle you will receive will come in the sealed Mil-STD Colt poly bag as shown.